A Home Driven by IFTTT

October 27, 2017

IFTTT is a web service, the acronym stands for IF This Then That. Click here to check out more or keep reading.

IFTTT is a powerful service that can trigger events for any of your smart devices with triggers from a massive array of services such as Twitter, Google Calendar, Docs or Sheets, RSS feeds, GPS Location and so much more.

What Can You Do with IFTTT?

Smart homes and Automation aside, this platform is amazing for staying in the know and automating your day to day life. It can notify you when someone edits a spreadsheet in your google drive, turn on your phone’s WiFi when you get home and turn on your Bluetooth when you leave, it can automatically set ringer to silent when you arrive at work and turn it back on when you leave. It can automatically re-tweet anything from your favourite star… I have it setup to alert me when the Canadian Emergency Alerting System has a new alert. These are really just a very few of the limitless possibilities.

How Does it Work?

If you are a techie you may be familiar with the term macro. IFTTT uses something called Recipes which are equivalent to the macro. It is a series of events triggered by other events. It’s actually best explained by looking at the company’s name. If This Then That you, as the user, decide if and when action should be taken. You decide what This and That are.If “I arrive at home” then “turn on my phone’s wifi”

Now The Interesting Bit

IFTTT has the ability to communicate with your Control4 system. What does this mean? It means you can trigger events to happen to your home with any Recipe you create.

Exames of Inbound IFTTT Triggers:

  • If “I am around the corner from my house” then “turn on my driveway and porch lights”
  • If “I am 15 minutes away from home” then “turn on AC or furnace on to my comfort level”
  • If “I get a call on my Android phone” then “lower the volume (or pause) the music/TV”
  • If “someone mentions me in a tweet” then “read it over my bedroom speakers”
  • If “I get an email from work” then “flash my office lights”

Some Examples of Outbound IFTTT Triggers Include:

  • If “Control4 detects low batteries on my wireless sensors” then “add a reminder to buy batteries on my iPhone”
  • If “the home alarm system detects an alarm or fire” then “call my phone with an automated message”
  • If “my lights are on for more than 5 hours” then “send an SMS text message”
  • If “I left but forgot to set the alarm” then “notify my phone with push notifications”

These are just a fraction of the possibilities of a home integrated to your IFTTT account. Some of the functions listed here require 3rd party drivers which may include an additional cost. Speak with your control4 dealer and ask if they can do some of these things for you.

SASA loves doing anything to make the living experience in the home as comfortable as we can. So if you have any ideas on how you want to use IFTTT and want us to integrate it into your home give us a call and we will help you as best as we can. In the meantime sign up for an account and play with some of the non-Control4 Recipes.

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