Designing Smart Home Technology for Happiness

October 27, 2017

The interconnection between your Smart phone, car, home (heating systems, alarm, door locks, sound system), baby monitor, garage door opener, and pretty much anything electric is becoming more and more a part of what drives our lives.

The idea behind this shift is that by automating tasks and information in our environment, we can increase safety, save energy and simplify our lives.

Smart Homes should elevate living experience of the home owners and bring more happiness to their lives. We understand that no two families are alike and a cookie cut approach to Home Automation Solutions just doesn’t cut it.

Which is why we employ a “Discovery” process where we meet with all the family members and go through a full assessment of lifestyle, daily rituals, home habits and how technology is currently being used in the household .  With this understanding, we create a vision of what life can be leveraging smart technology to automate tasks so that our customers feel more safe, comfortable and have more quality time.

Here are just a few scenarios of what we can do:

When the homeowners have a hectic work travel schedule

  • We provide our client home owners control over many smart gadgets from one place, including everything from smart doorbells and locks, to thermostats, light bulbs, humidifiers and entertainment systems. Even if they forget to lock the door when they leave home. Our customers can easily lock the door, turn off extra lights, and perhaps even adjust the thermostat to save on energy costs, all from their mobile phone.

When safety and security is a high priority

  • We provide our customers with video doorbells that lets them see and talk remotely when someone comes to their door.

For Families with young children 

  • Our Parents clients can monitor and control what their children see online.

While the “Internet of things” is ushering in a new era of home automation technologies, at SASA we always remind ourselves that the happiest places are ones that are connected not with physical wires but with deep personal and emotional connection. Thus, we strive to build customized automation solutions that serve the homeowners unique needs in a way that really brings them happiness!

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