Make the Switch… to Scenes

October 27, 2017

Scenes are the new way to think of lighting in the home. In the past your home had a few lights per room, just enough to light an area, all controlled by 1 to 3 light switches. That’s not the case in the modern home. We put in more lights per room each controlled by separate switches. It’s not uncommon nowadays to see 5, 6 or even 20 light switches in a single room. This is bulky, ugly and inconvenient to pick and choose which lights we want to turn on.

Let’s imagine your dream kitchen. I’m sure it has pendant lights over the island, pot lights around the island, a light by the stove, maybe shelf lights, a chandelier or other fixture over the table, maybe wall sconces or potlights to accent the room… You could easily put 8 loads in one room and of course you want individual control. Not to mention you’ll want some switches by the hallway entrance, some switches by the patio door, a few by the table and some by the entrance to the family room. Now you’re looking at 10-20 light switches in your kitchen.

Talk about Ugly! Not only ugly but inconvenient. If you want to turn off all the lights you may have to go to the switch by the table to turn off certain lights, the switch by the hall to turn off other lights and then you can turn off the rest on your way to the family room.

The solution as always is Automation. How does Automation help? How can we reduce clutter and still give you full control? There are a few solutions. Let’s address the problems one at a time.

What is a Scene?

A lighting scene is groups of lights turned on at once to a preset level chosen by you.

Examples of Scenes

In the kitchen we would create 6 scenes. Room On and Room Off would be 2 examples of scenes. Those are pretty self-explanatory. You could also have a Morning scene where only the ceiling lights come on at 40%. Maybe another one called Night where your pendants and chandelier at the table turn on to 20%,  for example. Or other scenes called Dayand Evening again set to turn on different groups of lights at different levels to your personal preference. Don’t like the scenes we setup for you, you can change them yourself from one of the touchscreens or tablets.

Choose to Schedule Default Scenes

You can use the Room On button but it may set brightness too high in the morning or night so we can set the Room On button to default to different scenes such as Morning, Day, Evening or Night scenes depending on time of the day, sunset or sunrise, even if its raining

Reducing Clutter on the Walls

I don’t know about you but I don’t like seeing 6 or 8 switches taking up almost 2 feet of space on the wall. I would say 1, 2 or 3 switches is the perfect amount to keep it aesthetically pleasing with full ability to control all your lights and anything else in the room. This is done with centralized lighting and I will be writing a post in the future all about centralized lighting, stay tuned.


No matter what your preferences I can get you the control you need with just 1 switch at each location, 2 if you want just a bit more control over the rest of your room (blinds or music for example).


At SASA we stay on the cutting edge of technology and home trends but also tune things to your preferences. We will make recommendations to give you the options you want so we can suit your lifestyle. Let us fill your world with light while still making it simple to understand and use.

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