Reviewing Security Camera Footage.

October 27, 2017

It’s never an easy job to review security camera footage. You hope that things never happen but when they do you should know the best way to find an incident on your camera system.

The footage may be helpful to a police investigation or just for yourself to help to better protect your property.

Hopefully you have a general date and time of the incident but that’s not always the case. If your security installer did a good job he setup a camera in an area where the subject cannot avoid being captured and set it to motion recording. A good example would be in a lobby of an apartment building or inside the front door of your home.

Finding an Incident in the Playback

If you know roughly when something happened start reviewing security camera footage around that time or up to an hour or 2 earlier and playback at a fast speed. Look for the subject and pause whenever you see someone matching the general description of your subject. Once you’ve found them you can follow them backwards in time using other cameras to find the time they arrived on the property. You can follow them forward in time using other cameras to try and see if the incident was captured on camera. If you are planning on giving footage to the local authorities get any footage of the subject from the time they get on the property until the time they leave.

Finding a Missing Object

A missing object is pretty easy to find when reviewing security camera footage. Simply bring the footage all the way to the beginning or until you are certain the object was there. Then just jump the playback forward by large gaps of time until you see it disappear. Once you see it disappear reverse in smaller chunks of time until it reappears. Repeat until you see when it disappeared and find out why.

How to Optimize Your System to Make Finding Incidents in Playback Easier

There are many advanced features in newer systems to make it easier to find incidents when reviewing security camera footage. Even if you don’t almost any system has motion, tamper and video loss detection. These events can be logged and used as reference points in the playback.

In the newer systems you can have advanced events such as line crossing detection, intrusion detection, missing objects, abandoned objects, human and vehicle detection. I will write an article about these advanced event detection options later on. Stay tuned.

Here at SASA we setup our camera systems to give you as many options and function out of your NVR as you could imagine. Contact us to ask us about the latest and greatest in Security Camera Systems.

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