What IS Home Automation

October 27, 2017

Usually when I tell people what I do, I get the smile and nod or I get asked “what is home automation?” and “what makes a smart home so smart?” The answer is never simple. So I figured for my first post I would start from the beginning and answer these questions for you.

Where to begin? Well imagine you can control your lights, blinds, security system, cameras, thermostat, garage door, TV’s, speakers and so much more all from your phone… From a beach in Cuba. Well that’s not new, all those things have been around for sometime now. What makes an automation system unique is that you have control over these things in a single app, controlled by a single device. What does that matter for you, a consumer who doesn’t mind opening up a hundred different apps to control a hundred different devices? Well, my friend, there are many benefits to this system. Let’s go through some of them.


Creating Scenes:

Creating scenes is just one of the many benefits of a centrally automated system. For example you could do something simple like make your lightswitch turn all the lights in the bedroom on. Maybe all the lights and the music. You could do more complex things like maybe music and your television, putting the blinds down and dimming the lights to optimal TV viewing levels.

Check back on Thursday for an article all about lighting scenes.

Event triggers:

The systems within your home will communicate with each other so this means one system such as a security system can trigger certain actions. Such as when the alarm system is disarmed the lights come on, or when it goes into alarm you get a notification on your phone and all lights come on with all speakers at full blast. You can schedule things based on time of the day, sunset/sunrise, if it’s raining or even when you arrive at home.

Simple user interface:

I would say user interface is the most important thing to make an automation system easy to use for everyone. It is the way you interact with your home whichever way you prefer.

When you have everything controlled with different apps, remotes or switches it can get confusing when you’re trying to do even the simplest of things.

Why not control everything throughout your house on a single,  extremely simple to use, touchscreen, remote control or with your voice through your phone. You can control everything in an easy to understand menu which, when programmed correctly, feels very natural and familiar.

Just click a single button to watch TV. No more switching inputs or adjusting the volume on the wrong remote again. Trigger the blinds to close when watching or dim the lights for the movie all from your TV remote. If you want you can have all that happen automatically, dim lights and close blinds when you turn on the TV. That is the difference between control and Automation. Whether you want things to happen because you ask it to or because it should.

You can even control things with your voice through new products like the Amazon Alexa, Google home or Siri on your Apple products.

Energy Savings:

If you had motion detectors throughout the house lights would turn off behind you and turn on in front of you, saving energy and our planet. Another way to save is by turning off the furnace or AC while no one is home it would kick on 10-20 minutes before you arrive at home to keep you comfortable when you walk in the door. Your driveway lights can turn on to greet you and turn off once your inside.

Stay informed:

You can view and log all the data about your home. Keep track of what’s happening, what you want to know, what’s important for YOU! Get notified instantly on your smartphone or by email. See when your alarm system goes into alarm sometimes even moments before the monitoring station alerts you. Get notified when the door is opened or see how long your lights stay on throughout the day. You can even get notifications when your cars leave the property. Anyway you want to be notified we can set it up.

All these pieces put together just add up to one thing. A high-tech lifestyle that is unique to your needs, your preferences to keep you safe and sound, all year round.

The guys at SASA know what they’re talking about. Everyone here, myself included, is passionate about technology and will be able to explain it and offer a custom solution for you.

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  • Amy Winters says:

    Thanks for mentioning that home automation systems can include motion detectors to help you save money on energy. My husband and I have been doing some long-term financial planning and want to look for ways to save money on utilities. I think the energy savings from motion detector lights would definitely add up over time. I’ll talk to my husband about having a home automation system installed!

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